Brief info

Aisha Gutierrez is a Human Resource professional and community advocate. She currently serves as Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Vacaville, acting in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council. As a Vacaville-native, she is passionate about bettering the community and displays her strong commitment to the city through various volunteer and advocacy work.

In the midst of establishing her career, Aisha had to make the difficult decision to put career on hold when she found out that her son needed additional learning support. It is through her own experience that she understands the very real challenges that parents face in our current education system. Aisha now sits on the Board of Directors of the Vacaville Public Education Foundation, a private education endowment that bridges gaps for students in the Vacaville Unified School District. She is also a member of the VUSD Equity Task Force, which focuses on building awareness, creating solutions, and addressing disparity by advocating equity and justice for historically marginalized groups.

Some of Aisha’s proudest achievements are the community events she has brought to the City of Vacaville. She single-handedly created the “Peace in the Park” event to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King in 2020. Now coordinated by the Vacaville People’s Forum, a grassroots community advocacy group. As a member of this group, Aisha and the Team have introduced events such as "Pride in the Park," and “Be You” to support and encourage community members with diverse needs in the community. Furthermore, she was part of the planning and implementation of the 1st ever Black History Month Celebration in Downtown Vacaville.

For her outstanding achievements and continuous contribution to Solano County residents, Aisha received the 2021 Community Service Award, given by the Tri-City Branch of NAACP, and the 2022 Be(Coming) the Change Award, presented by both the Tri City NAACP and Downtown Vacaville.

And she does this all while balancing life as a full-time Corporate Recruiter, Marine Veteran wife, and proud mother of 5!