Presidents Corner

President's Corner

President's Corner Welcome and thank you for joining the Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to support the Black Community in creating generational wealth and to maintain while sustaining businesses with economic growth that can be passed down for generations. Black Business owners, while innovative, creative and very capable often struggle to keep their businesses afloat and the lack of economic stability, we know can and will affect every other aspect of our lives.
We vow to put our community first, bring resources to Solano County Black Businesses that will enhance the knowledge, financial literacy and business acumen of black business owners. We will listen to our community to be able to understand their needs so that we can effectively direct them to resources that can stimulate their financial bottom lines. Join us on this journey and let’s support one another into greatness.
Tamuri Richardson, Best Regards,
President, Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce