About the SCBCC

The Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce is an institution that was created to support, uplift and build black businesses within the black community. SCBCC was formed by those in the community that wanted to see black businesses reach their potential and soar higher. Our pledge is to maintain the integrity of this institution and to continue supporting black businesses in the area of education, financial literacy, marketing and business savvy.

Our Goals

It is the vision of SCBCC to be recognized as the voice ‘to’ African American Businesses through effective relationships with, Industry, Government and Educational Services that build strategic alliances to strengthen the economic vitality.
SCBCC supports and encourages all of the forces that promote an environment where businesses can operate productively and profitably.

How you can help

SCBCC is looking for successful business leaders and professionals to volunteer for technology services, business consulting, training, tutoring and grant writing. Share your skills with SCBCC to build our community, if you are interested, please contact us at info@solanoblackchamber.com.