Brief info

Garrett Toles is currently head of the Community Relations Department for Kolaboration Ventures Corporation. Garrett’s main focus as the Community Relations Manager is to continue to build a strong relationship between KVC and multiple City Councils and Chambers of Commerce, State and Federal political figures, and most importantly, our beloved communities. Garrett also directs non-profit funding to active 501(c)(3) organizations annually. Mr. Toles has served on the Vallejo Police Chief’s Advisory Board and the Vallejo Code Enforcement Appeals Board.

Garrett Toles recently helped lead a community movement that generated national attention to the City of Vallejo. The infrastructure repair movement gained the attention of popular news channels that aired segments showing the hardships faced by Vallejo citizens regarding poor road conditions. As a result, Public Works and CalTrans worked on Vallejo infrastructure shortly after which exemplified much needed unity between community members, city staff, and state employees.

As an aspiring political officeholder, Garrett decided to shift his focus towards political science with a law concentration. From the District Attorney’s office to prominent Civil Rights firms, Mr. Toles has prioritized cultivating legal relationships with attorneys from all practices. Known for his humility and community advocacy, Garrett Toles has volunteered with various non-profit organizations such as The Food Bank of Solano and Contra Costa County, Faith Food Fridays, and White Pony Express. Mr. Toles has also helped lead community rallies in which social justice and equality were motivational factors.

Garrett has held managerial positions throughout his whole professional career. Positions ranging from Operations Manager to Auditor and Trainer. Mr. Toles is the proud father of his daughter London Toles. Garrett Toles is also the son of military parents and the grandson of an inspector who worked for the Alameda County District Attorney’s office.